Stéphane and Guillaume Gagnon the angels of Monique Richard

Have you read this article on the evacuation of Monique Richard, the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Logan alone, the highest mountain in Canada, located in the Yukon? Did you know that Guillaume and Stéphane were also on this mountain?
Radio-Canada did an interview with Monique Richard and her incredible story at Mont Logan, to read the article here .
Monique Richard Guillaume Stephane
Even Gripped Magazine also did an article on the evacuation of Monique Richard! To read the article here
“Stephane and Guillaume made an informed decision to rescue the stranded climber based on their skill levels, a strong desire to help, their own acclimatization, and personal safety. They likely saved the climber's life. The ACMG and guiding community are very proud of their actions.”
gripped magazine monique richard